Complete reference lists with DOIs

Currently this is available only for the first edition. Compiling the DOI lists is quite some work, so we will include the lists for the second edition if people request it.

Click on the links below to access the reference list for each chapter. You can easily find the actual papers by clicking on the digital object identifier (DOI) link. Kudos to Dr. Anil Gaikwad and Dr. Jurriaan Beckers for compiling many of these links. Direct links are provided for papers that are open access but have no DOIs.

More information on the DOI system (link).

Refererence lists (for the 1st edition)

Chapter 1 - Introduction (link).

Chapter 2 - The basics of catalysis (link).

Chapter 3 - Homogeneous catalysis (link).

Chapter 4 - Heterogeneous catalysis (link).

Chapter 5 - Biocatalysis (link).

Chapter 6 - Computer applications in catalysis research (link).

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